About JackPak Portable Power Pack

About JackPak portable power pack

JackPak is a multi-purpose portable power pack that we believe will make your life easier and less stressful. Emergencies happen. Car tires go flat. Car batteries drain unexpectedly. Phone batteries die. The power goes out. Your soccer ball goes flat. JackPak is one tool that can help you in all of those situations. We’re not the first portable battery pack, but we aim to be the smartest in terms of value and quality.

How Did We Get Here?

JackPak is a subsidiary of QuickJack LLC. QuickJack is a portable car lift that makes vehicle repair on and off the track easier and more fun. Initially conceived as a tool to power up QuickJack’s 12V mobile power unit, we quickly realized JackPak’s potential is much greater than that singular purpose. So, we kind of put QuickJack by the wayside and decided to let JackPak be its own thing. If you look carefully, you’ll see the JackPak and QuickJack fonts are the same—even the color schemes are similar! And yes, “jack” appears in both titles.

Part of the BendPak Family

JackPak is a subsidiary of QuickJack, and QuickJack is a subsidiary of BendPak Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of auto service equipment. JackPak falls under the massive BendPak umbrella, which has covered numerous brands for over 50 years. We operate out of Santa Paula, CA to make car lifts, air compressors, pipe benders and garage equipment for DIY’ers and professionals alike. It’s typical for some people to simply think of BendPak as the “ones on TV,” since they see our car lifts on Discovery Channel, Velocity and other nationally broadcast stations. If you want to learn more about JackPak, email hello@jackpak.com or call 1-833-JACKPAK. Say hello!

JackPak is a BendPak family product