Best Jump Starter with an Air Compressor

When it comes to the best jump starter for your needs, there are three basic units out there:

  1. 1) A bulky jump starter with an air compressor
  2. 2) A portable jump starter with no air compressor
  3. 3) JackPak: the portable jump starter with an air compressor

Portable power pack with air compressor

Our portable power pack is unique because it doesn’t sacrifice its small size (fits in your hand) to include an air compressor that fills deflated tires and helps other inflatables reach a max air pressure of 50 psi. Generally speaking, a jump starter with a larger structure can hold more powerful batteries, bigger air compressors, etc. The downside, however, is twofold. For one, a large chassis means your unit is no longer portable. You can’t take those big jump starters camping or backpacking, for instance. They don’t fit neatly in drawers, glove boxes, etc. On the other hand, the JackPak portable jump starter is about the size of a small cigar box, and its rugged carrying case slides easily under car seats.

Compact portable power pack with an air compressor

The second downside to large jump starters is cost. Don’t buy the first and cheapest portable jump starter you find—it needs to be rugged, hold a charge for months upon months on end, and it should offer all the features you may need during an emergency. That includes an air compressor. Many air compressors try to take the easy route toward offering “value.” They don’t have a design that permits an air compressor in a portable jump starter, so they keep making the battery bigger/more powerful. That sounds nice, but it’s really not necessary to go much beyond the 12,000 mAh offered by JackPak. The larger capacities may be able to jump more car batteries on a single charge—JackPak offers about seven jumps on a full charge. That’s more than plenty to get you through almost any emergency, wouldn’t you say? Here’s the real kicker: every single manufacturer will recommended charging your jump starter after each jump. So, at the end of the day, what would you rather get for your buck? A couple extra jumps that you’re extremely unlikely to use, or the JackPak portable jump starter with built-in air compressor for daily household use and deflated tires? To us at JackPak, the answer is obvious, and our product speaks for itself.