The Best Portable Jump Starter

JackPak is the latest portable jump starter to hit the market, but it’s not the first. Portable jump starters are everywhere, from pocket-sized miniatures to large, bulkier units. We looked at them all, quite frankly, and found there was a really important space not being filled. In designing JackPak, we made sure to fill that gap handily. JackPak is the only portable jump starter that fits the following criteria:

At least 12,000 mAh

A Milliamp Hour (mAh) is a unit of measurement that pertains to a battery’s electrical storage capacity. 12,000 mAh is a number that hits the sweet spot in terms of value and productivity. Any fewer, and your portable jump starter isn’t going to hold more than a couple charges, and that means it won’t be as useful for charging electronic devices or using the air compressor. Not to mention car battery jumps. On the other hand, higher mAh batteries are more expensive, and JackPak needs to be an accessible portable jump starter on virtually any budget. This capacity lets us provide a high-quality battery without getting silly with costs.

12,000 mAh Portable Jump Starter

Rugged air compressor built-in

This one’s interesting. JackPak isn’t the only portable jump starter to feature a built-in air compressor, they’ve been around for years, but JackPak is the only one we know of that fits in the palm of your hand. Shop for another battery jumper slash air compressor combo and you’ll probably find it comes with a lead acid battery. You know, like the one in your car. Likely as heavy and bulky too. The JackPak uses Lithium-ion technology that delivers gobs of power but is super-compact and lightweight. The built-in compressor is made to get you up-and-running without any guff, so it boasts a max pressure of 50 psi. That pressure is ideal for household items like air mattresses and sports balls, but our portable jump starter will also inflate your emergency flat and get you to the nearest shop. Other portable jump starters with an air compressor are just too big to truly offer the level of portability you deserve.

Built-In Portable Air Compressor

5V USB jack and LED light

At this point, every portable jump starter should include these features. Unlike other portable jump starters, however, JackPak comes with a 3-way cable that adapts to most modern smartphones. It’ll also charge some laptops (not including Apple™ 16V laptops). The LED light has an SOS and strobe mode, in addition to the standard super-bright tactical beam. Since JackPak fits in your glove box, you get these features, as well as the air compressor and emergency battery jump, on-hand anytime you need them.

5V USB Phone Charger

Hard carrying case

We’ve noticed that other portable jump starters have gone soft. They often feature mushy, gel-type or cardboard cases that provide minimal impact resistance. JackPak is the portable jump starter that keeps everything in a hard, durable carrying case that offers total protection in virtually any situation or environment. Blow molded from recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it provides impact strength (even in the coldest weather), resistance to solvents and oils, and exceptional durability. Inside each custom carrying case are uniquely shaped and specially engineered die-cut foam inserts, custom fit to give your JackPak the ultimate protection it deserves. Hinged locking latches and a durable molded handle make it ideal for transfer and storage. Compact and convenient enough to slide under or behind your seat. Durable enough to stow in your trunk.

Portable Power Pack with Rugged Carrying Case

The best value jump starter

We’re not satisfied with mediocrity, so our portable jump starter maximizes your capabilities in a unit that’s hardly bigger than an office telephone set. Plus, it’s amazingly affordable. That’s something we’re exceptionally proud of. Some portable jump starters run you into the triple-digits, simply because they charge a car battery one or two more times. Let’s be honest, you’re usually going to be near an outlet to charge your portable jump starter, and every user manual recommends you charge it back up after every jump. So, why would you tack on an extra $100+ dollars for basically nothing? Portable jump starters need to be there for emergencies, backup power when you’re camping or times you’re on a road trip and need a quick juice-up. Don’t be fooled into paying more to get less, or just more of the same.

Best Value Jump Starter