JackPak FAQs

1. Why do I need a jump starter?

When you leave your interior lights on overnight or come back to a car you haven’t driven in some weeks or months, the car battery can easily drain. Your car is stuck where it’s parked. Traditionally, you need to find a working car battery to jump your drained one, but a jump starter eliminates the hassle. JackPak jumps your car and gets you going again in no time.

2. Are the portable jumper cables safe?

The safety of our cables is maximized by our “Smart Booster Cable,” which is a reverse-polarity protection device. This device, which directs electrical current from the JackPak into the car battery, protects the vehicle’s electrical system and battery from damage, as well as the jumper cables and jump starter. This is important in case the cables’ negative/positive clamps are reversed on the terminal.

3. Does a portable jump starter work just as well as a jump from a car battery?

Absolutely! Not only is it safe, it’s fast and easy. You don’t need to hunt down a neighbor or passer-by and take up their time. JackPak contains a 12V battery, similar to what’s in most cars (but much smaller capacity, obviously). The lithium-ion jump starter in JackPak is the perfect solution to a drained car battery.

4. What are the risks of jumping my car with a portable jump starter?

Luckily, JackPak is designed to reduce or eliminate as many risks as possible. Reverse-polarity protection and overcharge protection are just two of the many safety features built into the cables and battery pack. Generally speaking, there’s no way to eliminate 100% of the risk factor. In the past, improperly jumped vehicles have experienced damage to the battery and vehicle electrical system. Follow the directions in your JackPak manual and you should not be in any real danger.

5. Are the alligator clamps dangerous when not connected?

As long as JackPak is in the off position and the jump starter activation switch is not engaged, there should be no current running through the cables. We recommend always putting JackPak’s On/Off switch in the OFF position before attaching or removing the cable clamps.

6. Is a jump starter different than a battery charger?

A battery charger may or may not have a port for portable jumper cables. Most battery chargers support USB connectivity, however. Happy day: JackPak has both jumper cable and USB connections!

7. Does JackPak work as a motorcycle jump starter?

Yes! JackPak will jump start most 12V batteries.

8. What important features should be in a jump starter?

It’s common for a jumper starter to offer a USB port in addition to the jumper cables. Some of these units even have a flashlight feature. JackPak, however, has all that amazing support plus an air compressor that can be used on flat tires, pool toys, air mattresses and so much more. We think the portable air compressor feature puts JackPak in a league of its own. Take it camping, leave in your car—sooner or later, you’ll be happy you have it.