SafeTouch Cable Technology

SafeTouch Cable Technology
  • Short-Circuit PreventionShort-Circuit Prevention
    Eliminates short-circuiting when clamps engage live battery.
  • Overcurrent SafetyOvercurrent Safety
    In the case of excessive electrical current, flow will stop and not damage JackPak or connected 12V battery.
  • Overcharge PreventionOvercharge Prevention
    No risk of overcharging lithium-ion battery in the JackPak.
  • Reverse Polarity ProtectionReverse Polarity Protection
    In case clamps are attached to wrong battery terminal (positive/negative reversed), JackPak will not be damaged.
  • Temperature Gauge ProtectionTemperature Gauge
    The lithium-ion battery will not produce charge if temperature reaches unsafe threshold.
  • Electrical Discharge RegulatorElectrical Discharge Regulator
    Electrical current is kept even, steady and safe.
  • Excessive Voltage ProtectionExcessive Voltage Protection
    In case of sudden power failure, voltage will not exceed safe threshold.