Best Way to Fill Up Inflatables

Air pumps are kind of a pain to use. Some of them have little footholds to keep them steady while they inflate bike tires, pool toys, balls, etc. But even then, taking these pumps anywhere is cumbersome—with that hose flipping around all over the place. The small, hand-held ones are also tiring to use, especially if you have multiple items to inflate. They’re just not that practical. JackPak’s air compressor, however, is practical, and it has tons of applications. Here are a few.

Pool stuff is fun... but a hassle!

Summertime, beach days, pool days, etc. Some of the best days there are. Except when it comes time to inflate the rafts and floaties. Hand pumps are tiring for your hands, and your face turns weird fifty shades of red, white and blue when you over-extend yourself. There’s plenty of nice air in the world—get a JackPak and breathe it all in normally, whydoncha?

Using a portable air pump on pool toys

Bike tires

JackPak’s air compressor can be used for so much more than car tires. At home, you’re going to want to fill bike tires more regularly than car tires, and if you’re on a family trip, you don’t want to wait for everyone to take turns on the slow pump. JackPak will fill you up faster, and your trip won’t lose its momentum.

Filling up a bike tire with air pump

A coach’s dream tool

Coaches with multiple balls to fill up for practice can get their footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. inflated faster than ever. You don’t need to have the team take turns with the hand pump. JackPak’s air compressor is fast, easy, safe and efficient. Also, JackPak’s 12,000mAh of power means nearly endless refills with the air compressor before its battery comes close to losing its juice.