Comparing Battery Jump Starters

Comparing battery jump starters

Look, you’re buying a battery pack, not a college investment plan. You don’t need to overpay for something that should be simple, straightforward and effective. Superstores and online retailers have done a super job of cluttering their aisles and webpages with a mess of cheap, flimsy jump starters that get manufactured and sold for under $20 all day long. Trust us, it sounds better than it really is.

That’s because a single-purpose jump starter can’t get you out of a jam when you bust a tire or need a quick phone, tablet or camera charge. It won’t illuminate the dark for you if you’re stuck somewhere in the dead of night. And it probably won’t hold enough juice to jump seven consecutive batteries on a single charge.

Ask yourself something. Really ask yourself this really simple question. Really.

Ready? This is the question you should really ask yourself right now:

How should I REALLY define “Value” in my portable jump starter?

We asked ourselves that question, so we went hunting online. We were surprised by how many options are out there and found ourselves looking at some really, really cheap crap; some bulky, less-than-portable solutions; and other portable battery packs that cost well over $150. Yipes!

Nothing felt “just right” to us. The overpriced and under-serving gimmicks and gadgets out there just mean the world must be waiting for a rugged, no-nonsense power pack that offers more features at a better price. Enter the 4-in-1 JackPak portable power pack. Or as no one calls it, the JPPP.

When all is said and done, we think we offer the best value jump starter on the market. Our crack team of data analysts, creatives and product designers (basically a few boring guys and gals with internet access who wake up early and like to eat donuts) studied what’s out there and one-upped the competition in every way we could. Take a look below at what we offer vs. the others.

You might notice is that some brands offer much of what JackPak offers, but they totally sacrifice compactness and convenience. Some jump starter/air compressors look like suitcases that would barely fit in an airplane’s overhead storage bin. Yuck! JackPak fits in a baseball mitt and serves the exact same purpose, so why go big when you can go home… with an equally sturdy, more compact power pack?

Compact portable power pack

Other power packs are compact but don’t have an air compressor. And they overcharge. Way, way overcharge. Don’t give us that that bologna about $200 batteries, Mr. Marketing Man. Puh-leez!

All you wanted to begin with, and all you really need, is a smart, compact and reliable jump starter kit that inflates things and charges things too. The 3-mode LED feature is also pretty nifty. And all you need to get all that done is the 4-in-1 JackPak power pack. Mic drop. Feedback sizzles. JackPak out.