Helping Others Jump Their Car

“Heroes aren’t born. They just carry JackPaks.” – some famous guy

When you’re pulling into a gas station and see someone frantically asking around for jumper cables, you’ll be prepared. Let’s face it: no one ever has them when you need them. And someone who does have them has to go through the hassle of untangling them and lugging them out of their truck bed or trunk. It feels like a major inconvenience to the helper, which adds a hint of shame and embarrassment to the stress of being stranded in the first place.

Helping other jump their car battery

When you pull out a JackPak, you’re not only helping someone else and speeding up the process, but you’re making them feel better about their crappy situation. It’s obviously not even going out of your way to grab a small power pack that fits in your hand. Plus, if all of this is going down at night, you’ve got the built-in flashlight to help.

Jumping a friend's car battery

Meet the love of your life, with JackPak!

Hey, it could happen! People have met in crazier situations. Whether you’re a guy or gal in this scenario, you’re going to impress the person you’re helping. If they’re feeling gutsy, they might ask to repay the favor. Start with dinner and take it from there. That’s right—we also give dating advice!

Or, if you, the helper, are feeling emboldened in your moment of triumph, maybe you can suggest a date yourself. The best way to meet people is by chance, when you least expect it. You might just make a friend for life.