Take JackPak Camping

Built-in portable LED flashlight

Just when you thought it would be great to have a portable power pack that jumps a car battery, charges your phone, lights a path for you and fills a flat tire, an entire new application opens up for you. Camping!

Make light on the trail

Every camping trip needs a way to make light once the sun goes down. While journeying with multiple flashlights is always an option, every item adds weight. This makes a difference, especially when backpacking on extended trips, and JackPak is lightweight and easy to stow anywhere. Pull it out when you need a flashlight.

Charge up while you light your way

While you’re lighting that path for yourself, you might need to make a call. If your phone is dying, plug it into the USB jack and get yourself a portable charge while you keep the light on. That long-lasting lithium-ion battery is perfect for keeping phones charged—an important safety consideration when leaving civilization behind.

Inflate the football for a game of catch

Don’t carry more than you need to when you’re out camping or on the trail. Leave the hand pump at home. The air compressor function quickly inflates just about anything you need when you’re on-the-go. Now you can still enjoy that game of catch, even if your ball’s gone a little flat. Just fill it up!

No car problems getting in the way

If a car tire loses pressure before you make the return trip, or someone drained the car battery charging their phone, or a light got left on, etc., JackPak will give you the jump you need. Even if you’ve been using it to charge your devices and inflate your toys, JackPak holds quite a bit of charge and will most likely get your car battery going in no time.