Why Choose JackPak

JackPak has several amazing qualities that make it worth your while. Even if a power pack hasn’t been on your radar, it’s time to home in on one today. They’re not just for emergencies, so you’ll never regret owning one as you discover daily uses for it.

Jump start batteries

It’s easy to pull out the portable jump cables, plug them into the power pack’s jack and get a fast, reliable jump. Once the dead battery is working, just unclamp the negative cable, followed by the positive—just pack it all away. A single charge on JackPak is good for about seven jumps. That means there’s plenty of juice leftover to charge your phone and use the flashlight for hours.

Jump start car batteries

Built-in Air compressor

An air compressor is an easier, faster way to fill inflatables. Never worry about air pumps again, as your JackPak is great for car and bike tires up to 50 psi. Sports balls and even the occasional air mattress are no problem for JackPak.

Jump start car batteries

LED flashlight

With three modes to choose from, JackPak features an LED with super-bright beam, strobe and SOS options. The beam is great for navigating dark spaces, the strobe is a perfect roadside signal for oncoming and trailing vehicles and the SOS mode will make savvy passers-by aware that you need help. These modes are also useful if you’re in a boat; the high-powered beam will be highly visible from great distances on the water.

Jump start car batteries

5V USB jack for small electronics

These days, most people navigate using their phones’ GPS systems. This chews up data on long road trips, and not everyone has a late-model vehicle capable of charging their phone. Get where you’re going with a nice, full charge. The USB jack also charges tablets and other small electronic devices. Multiple devices can be fully charged with the JackPak’s long-lasting lithium-ion battery. To top it all off, we include a useful multi-function phone charge cable with multiple prongs for iPhone™ and Android™ devices.

Jump start car batteries