The ideal battery jumper with a variety of uses

Our portable power pack is the ideal jack for hundreds of power-dependent situations. Not only is JackPak the ideal battery jumper, its various jacks and standard accessories put you in charge of your charging and inflation needs when you’re on-the-go. Use it in a variety of ways and never be struck with a dead phone, deflated ball or drained battery again. You’ll probably even find dozens of uses we don’t have room to mention here or never even thought of before!

USB Charger

Your phone and MP3 player are never going to be drained again. Stream all the music and video you want on your data plan or wireless-connected device. JackPak is there to charge up your small electronics as well as any 110V outlet from home.

Charging Your USB Devices with Portable Power Supply

Air Inflator

The built-in air compressor comes standard with an air hose and multiple valve fittings, so connecting any flat rubber ball, tire or other inflatable item to the jack is quick and simple. The compressor function is also ideal for hot days on the beach. Ever found yourself just inches from the water but unable to find an air pump? Never again with JackPak, the world’s best portable power supply and air compressor.

Portable Air Pump

Marine Charge

It’s common for boats and yachts to charge up their electrical systems using 12V batteries, which makes JackPak an essential marine tool. Never risk being stranded in the open ocean, a mysterious lake or a small, shallow pond. Charge up and ship out!

Marine Battery Boat Charger

Motorcycle Battery Jump

Let’s face it. Motorcycles can be fickle, especially if you don’t ride them often. At 12,000 mAh, JackPak won’t overpower most motorcycle batteries. It also fits neatly in your bike’s travel compartment.

Motorcycle Battery Jump

Roadside Assistance

Whether it’s the car battery jump, the tire-filling air compressor or the emergency flashlight feature, it’s never been easier to fix common roadside problems or flag people down for help.

Roadside Assistance Kit


Life gets in the way of our plans—but that’s life! You can’t change what happens, but you can prepare for when things go wrong. Make JackPak an essential part of your emergency prep kit no matter what part of the country you’re in. If you don’t have an emergency kit yet, JackPak is the first thing you should put on your list.

JackPak Emergency Prep Kit

Helping Others

Sometimes it just feels good to be the one with all the answers. You could be having the perfect day and suddenly encounter a family stranded on the side of the road. JackPak to the rescue.

Helping other with JackPak Battery Jumper

Paper Weight

Just because.

Paper Weight Battery