Using JackPak as a Portable Air Inflator

Without a portable air inflator, there are basically two ways to pump up inflatables, such as pool toys and sports balls. You can either use a bulky air compressor or a hand pump. Neither option is really that ideal, but we’ve had them for decades.

Portable Air Pump Inflator

External Air Compressors

Large garage air compressors are necessary for heavy-duty and industrial applications. They’re not so ideal for smaller, everyday items like footballs, bicycle tires, air mattresses, etc. For one, they’re annoying and difficult to pull out of storage, and goodness help you if you drop that so-called “portable” air tank on your foot. JackPak offers a much smarter solution that won’t strain your back or your wallet.

Air Pump for Pool Toys

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps have their place. At least, they did before JackPak.


We’re sure you’re really going to miss the way your hand pump slips and slides in your hand as you struggle to hold the ball just so while you inflate it. We’re sure your friends will miss the sound of used inflation needles bonking around the inside of the inflated ball.

We’re sure kneeling down to attach those bike inflation pumps is really fun for you, and when the freestanding pump topples over and requires constant re-setting, we know you think it’s all a good time. In fact, you’re probably disappointed that JackPak has come around to make inflating your stuff easier and faster than ever.

Whether it’s a miniature hand pump or one that requires foot pressure to hold it still, it’s a real shame that our portable power pack has some along to replace it and make life better for you.


On second thought, maybe you should get a JackPak and just enjoy the spoils of a happier life.