JackPak is there when you need it

Portable power pack for roadside emergencies

Whether it’s a tired battery or a pothole that throws off your alignment and renders your vehicle unusable for the time being, an emergency is always stressful and scary. Even in the best of circumstances, when help is nearby and there’s no rain, snow, sleet, cold or dark to add to your problems, roadside emergencies are terrible experiences. All that being said, you need something at your side that can be relied on in any whether condition or situation. JackPak will handle all your power needs, and it offers two conveniences that other portable power packs don’t: an air compressor and a flashlight.

Sending Out An SOS

One of the worst times for a car to break down is the middle of the night. Even with the emergency blinkers going, it can be hard for other drivers to realize a stalled vehicle in front of them. They might even miss it altogether. JackPak can be set on the ground with a strobe or SOS function. The strobe function is immediately attention-grabbing. Anyone approaching your vehicle will know to stay away. They may even pull over and offer assistance. Likewise, the SOS mode indicates to knowledgeable passers-by that immediate help is needed. You can even charge your phone, inflate a wheel and use the light function all at the same time. So, there’s never a point where you have to sacrifice one feature for the others.

Inflating a flat tire on the side of the road

More Air in Less Time

JackPak’s built-in air compressor is easy to use and comes with multiple valve adapters for a variety of air valve types. This includes vehicle tires and other inflatables. An upfront gauge ensures you never over-inflate, and the JackPak offers up to 50 psi. That’s enough air for most vehicles, air mattresses, sports balls, etc.