Be #1 in Somone's Book

If you’ve ever had to ask for jumper cables, you know that no matter who that helpful person is—political differences, whether they’re the kind of person you normally interact with—they are probably #1 in your book, at least for a day. It feels good helping others, and JackPak is a great opportunity to consider all those favors others have done for you and pay them forward. In fact, you could be holding the ultimate car jumping solution in the palm of your hand.

Help others jump their car

No More Clumsy Cables

Without the right tools, helping someone with their vehicle’s dead battery can be (almost) as stressful as having a dead battery yourself. You have to lug out those long jumper cables that are probably filthy to the touch due to the fact you haven’t cleaned them in ages. Then you need to get both vehicles positioned properly, which often means awkwardly positioning your car in order to reach their battery. Now you’re blocking traffic or clogging up a parking lot, and the whole situation is just unpleasant.

JackPak eliminates that whole nightmare. The portable jumper cables and power pack can set up, get the car jumped and all be put away in about one minute. That’s less hassle for you, and all parties can get back on the road quickly, and most importantly, safely.

Easy car battery charger

Fast Inflation

When you have somewhere to be, you can’t afford to spend 30 minutes filling someone’s spare tire with your “trusty” hand pump. With JackPak, you can inflate vehicle tires quickly and without physical strain. The people you help will be so impressed, they’ll probably ask about that device you’re using. Just refer them to us! (And we’ll take it from there.)