Marine Battery Charger

The only thing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery is being stuck in the middle of the ocean with a dead boat battery. Really makes you think hard about that whole “dead in the water” phrase, doesn’t it? On the water, you’re reliant on your electrical system for GPS, radio, the engine, etc. (You know… those teeny-tiny things that make the difference between life and death.) While going without a jump starter pack in your car is risky, going without one in your boat is downright dangerous and life-threatening. Even if you have a backup electrical system in the event that your primary system fails, a power pack will get your boat battery back in shipshape. Plus, it’s a fool-proof backup for your backup.

Perfect Marine Engine Jump Starter

There are plenty of marine jump starters out there, but ours is optimized for larger boats that require very powerful deep-cycle batteries. Featuring 600 peak amperage, JackPak delivers a powerful charge that will give your boat battery the jump it needs. Higher-amperage, deep-cycle marine batteries require the sort of power offered by JackPak. Still, it’s absolutely necessary to consult the manufacturer of your boat, battery and/or marine engine to confirm JackPak is right for your rig.

SOS Signal Travels Farther out at Sea

Morse code is especially useful on the water, especially at night. Most sailors know an SOS signal when they see one, so JackPak’s LED flashlight will be recognizable by most people from very far away. An SOS light is a call for help, but the light will also help prevent other boats from accidentally crashing into you in the dark. All things considered, JackPak is an amazing multi-tool that gives you better peace of mind, no matter where your travels take you.