Motorcycle Jump Kit

Portable motorcycle battery charger

JackPak’s charging ability goes beyond cars, trucks and SUVs. This amazing little power pack needs to be kept in any garage that holds a motorcycle. As you know, if you ride a bike, it’s not ideal to attach jumper cables to from bike to car. Car batteries—especially vehicles that use 14V or 16V batteries, are larger and more powerful than motorcycle batteries. Therefore, an old-fashioned vehicle-to-bike jump cable setup increases the risk of damaging your motorcycle battery.

JackPak features a 12,000mAh battery with a peak 600 amps. That means it runs at 300 – 400 amps, which is safe for most bikes. At 12V, the voltage coming from our portable power pack is not strong enough to damage your bike battery.

Jumping a motorcycle battery

Looking for a more technical explanation? Here’s the skinny. Every car, motorcycle or vehicle with an alternator (basically everything with a motor and battery) has something called a rectifier in it. Rectifiers convert AC power from the alternator into DC power, so the active current can then charge the vehicle’s battery. Even if JackPak generates more amps than necessary for a given charging application, it’s the voltage that determines the “pressure” behind the charge. Too much pressure makes your vehicle’s onboard electronics system go breaky-breaky. That brings us back to square one: 12V is the ideal voltage for most motorcycles, cars and even some boats and light-duty trucks. Because no breaky.

Truly, JackPak offers the ideal voltage for most residential purposes. It won’t overcharge the battery and risk burning out your rectifier and other electronics, nor will it be too weak and cause your battery to drain out. As long as your bike battery isn’t completely dead when you attempt to jump it, JackPak should be able to give the right amount of kick to get you back on the road.