The Amazing Portable Paperweight

Using a battery charger as a paperweight

As if the multi-purpose JackPak power pack wasn’t versatile enough as it is! Tired of loose sheets of paper spinning out of control in even the gentlest of breezes? Annoyed when your kids come by and scatter your organized work because… they’re just kids being kids? Sick of your deep, soulful sighs accidentally scattering the latest draft of your novel, the next great American epic? Friends, worry no more. JackPak is the amazing paperweight that looks good on your desk. It even has a sense of humor. (Or is that just us?)

The Desk Decoration

“What’s THAT?” cries the voice of a woman just walking into your office for the first time.

“Holy wow!” comes the cry of a man, who upon hearing the voice of the woman, pokes his head in to see what caught her attention.

“JackPak is a paperweight too?” they delightedly scream in unison.

That’s right! The above semi-fictional exchange may not have actually “happened,” but it’s a pretty realistic situation, and it’s one that’s probably going to happen once you bring JackPak into your life. Need proof? Just look at our images of JackPak. Did we say look? Rewind. Don’t just look. RELISH in these images, because JackPak is not only capable of jumping a dead battery, inflating tires, charging your smartphone and lighting up a path when it’s darker than a midnight swim in the ocean on a moonless night—no—it can also—yes—also be a paperweight and a desk decoration. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then we have no idea what will.

Also, JackPak has a bad sense of humor. But that might just be us.