JackPak is there to help

The moment you get a flat is probably the scariest thing that’s going to happen to you that month—maybe even that year. After the initial adrenaline rush, when you guide your three good wheels safely to the shoulder of the road, another form of panic sets in, and a stress-induced question pops into your mind: “What now?” JackPak takes a lot of that underlying stress out of the situation. If you’re able to get your car in the air with a jack and stand, your power pack inflates a spare and gets you back on the road in no time.

Portable power pack for roadside assistance

Roadside emergency kit

The No-Tow Solution

Tow truck fees are no joke. If you don’t have AAA or covered through your dealership, you’re probably looking at $250/hr for a tow. Depending on how far out you are in the middle of nowhere, that’s like a “repair cost” on top of your repair cost at the shop. That means JackPak more than pays for itself the first time you use it for roadside assistance.

Prepare When You Can’t Predict

JackPak has 4 built-in features (jump starter, air compressor, flashlight and electronics charger) that we selected because they address the most common roadside problems, statistically speaking. As you know, it’s impossible to predict what problem you’re going to encounter. It could be a pothole that blows out your tire; a headlight that’s left on and kills your battery; an overheated radiator in the middle of the night, etc.

When your roadside problem is serious and can’t be solved on the side of the road, you run into a new mixture of problems. Low phone batteries threaten your ability to call for help, and if your vehicle is not in working condition, you might not be able to keep its battery running to charge your phone. If JackPak can’t get you back on the road, it can always make sure your phone stays charged while you call for assistance.