Extend the life of your device's battery

You’ve been there before. Your phone, which is also your GPS, drains its battery after spending half the ride searching for service. And of course, it dies after a few hours of inconsistent navigating along a long country road that stretches endlessly until it hits a town called Luckenbach, TX that looks like it’s never seen an evenly paved road and doesn’t plan to get one anytime soon.

Portable USB Battery Charger

You know that feeling of desperation as you stare powerlessly into your blank and powerless phone screen, unable to change your fate or go back in time to when you had a 10% charge and could have pulled over to ask for directions.

That’s when you want that USB jack in our portable power pack. That’s when you need JackPak to be right there in your glove compartment, ready at a moment’s notice to start charging you up.

Road trips are part of the great American experience, and we’ve got so many new-fangled electro-gizmo whoozawhatsits nowadays (did that make us sound old?) that charging them and keeping them charged can be a pain. JackPak makes it simple: when one phone is in use, the other can be charging. When the phones are charged, the camera battery is next. Once that’s good, one of those phones could probably use a top-off. Keeping charged and connected is a way to stay safe, prepared and enjoy a better overall quality of life when you’re on-the-go.

Best portable phone battery charger

Maybe you’ve noticed how much time you and your friends spend stressing over how much remaining battery-life you have. “My battery is about to die,” is the modern version of “I’m at a payphone and only have a minute.” With JackPak, you get as many minutes as you like as you blow down that old country road.

And if you’re ever in Luckenbach, it’s actually a great place—make sure you say hi to Willie and the boys.

And if you don’t get that joke, it wasn’t for you. And that’s OK.