The Portable Power Pack That Has It All!

The JackPak portable power pack contains four important features that offer infinite opportunities to change your life and help get you through unpredictable emergencies. Between the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, copper-tipped jumper cables, fast-acting air compressor, multi-purpose USB jack and bright LED flashlight, you’ll be prepared for more unexpected situations than ever. Take JackPak with you anywhere you go and store it in your trunk or glove box.

Battery Jump Starter

Two portable, copper-tipped jumper cables come standard with your JackPak unit, and they’re the last set of cables you’ll ever need. Get your car started quickly in seconds flat. With a fully charged JackPak, jump up to seven dead batteries in a row. A single battery jump with JackPak takes significantly less time than it takes everyone else to find a good Samaritan with a set of cables, position their car and attach the batteries.

Battery Jump Starter with JackPak
Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

Garage air compressors quickly inflate objects and supply a lot of air power, but they’re heavy, expensive and just a pain in the neck to lug in and out of storage. Hand pumps, on the other hand, are lightweight but take forever to inflate things. JackPak offers the best of both worlds: it’s lightweight and inflates objects faster than you might expect from such a small, portable device. It’s remarkably effective. Even air mattresses for weekend camping trips or houseguests are no problem for JackPak.

USB Jack for Phones, More

These days, it’s all about keeping the phones charged and staying connected. Finally eliminate the fear of being caught without a power outlet when you’re on-the-go or dealing with a power outage. Camping and traveling just got easier and more relaxing! JackPak even comes with portable charging cables that connect to new and older-model iPhone™ and Android™ devices. Use your own USB cord to charge hundreds of other small electronics.

Multi-Jack USB Portable Battery Charger
Super bright LED Light

Extra-Bright LED Light

Hopefully you never find yourself stranded on the side of the road at night. Hopefully you never need to bust out JackPak’s LED light with three super-bright modes: a constant stream, a strobe function and an SOS signal. But if you do, JackPak has you covered. Simply press the flashlight activation button to quickly switch between modes. We do hope, however, that you find the light useful in everyday situations. Experience tells us you will.