The Portable Power Pack That Has It All!

The JackPak portable power pack contains four important features that offer infinite opportunities to change your life and help get you through unpredictable emergencies. Between the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, copper-tipped jumper cables, fast-acting air compressor, multi-purpose USB jack and bright LED flashlight, you’ll be prepared for more unexpected situations than ever. Take JackPak with you anywhere you go and store it in your trunk or glove box.

12V Jump Starter

JackPak’s lithium-ion battery is ideal for jump starting drained car batteries. Whether your car battery dies on the side of the road or your wake up one morning to find your interior lights were left on all night, JackPak is here to get you going again in no time. Safety is always our first priority: SMART portable jumper cables offer reverse polarity and overcurrent protection, among other crucial safety features. No more hunting down another car for a jump. The cables are short, so they never tangle up. Just pull them out of JackPak’s convenient carrying case and connect them to your vehicle’s battery terminals. You’ll be moving again in a few minutes or less.

Battery Jump Starter with JackPak
Portable Air Compressor

Built-in Air Compressor

The air compressor, which pressurizes up to 50 psi, is a rarity for a portable jump starter. Most power packs and jump starters with a built-in compressor are bulkier, heavier and less convenient to stow. JackPak can fill a flat tire, pool toy, air mattress or sports ball quickly and safely. Just like the jumper cables, the air hose and an assortment of valve fittings are included in the carrying case. JackPak eliminates the need for a foot or hand pump for most household inflatables.

5V USB Port

One of our favorite features, JackPak’s lithium-ion battery pulls double-duty as a jump starter and phone charger. An included 3-way cable fits most late-model smartphones for Apple™ and Android™ devices. The USB port is just as effective as any 110V outlet when it comes to charging small electronics. It’s the perfect backup for road trips and extended periods on the road or away from home. Bring JackPak with you on camping trips or locations that get bad cell service and drain your battery faster than normal. With JackPak, never again be stuck with a dead phone or a drained car battery.

Multi-Jack USB Portable Battery Charger
Super bright LED Light

LED Flashlight

Our jump starter wouldn’t be complete without a low-power-consuming and super-bright light. After all, if you experience a minor emergency at night, you need to alert others to your presence, whether to call for help or warn others to stay clear. JackPak’s lithium-ion battery is long-lasting and capable of performing multiple functions at once, so you can fill a flat while you shine a light on it. SOS and strobe modes help you alert others to your presence. This is especially useful if you get stuck in a less-than-ideal spot in the dark.