100% Lithium-Ion Portable Battery Jump

JackPak’s lead-free battery is 100% lithium-ion and represents the latest in portable power tech, offering up to seven consecutive car battery jumps on a single charge. That’s a lot less worrying about your battery dying on you. Take extended road trips without stressing over an expensive highway tow if your battery dies; save the stress of looking for a jump when you’re stranded at some gas station in the middle of nowhere; never be late to work again due to a dead battery. (Left those interior lights on again, didn’t you?)

Car Battery Portable Jump Starter

Durable, copper-tipped jumper cables stow neatly into JackPak’s carrying case, so there’s no fumbling around with long tangles of red and black cords. Worst of all, that mess of jumper cables makes up just half of the equation: you still need a working car battery to draw power from. Now you need to flag someone down and hope they give you the time of day. JackPak’s smaller cables are just as effective as the old-fashioned, car-to-car jump method, but they’re much easier to manage. If you find yourself stranded because you blew your chance to get a JackPak, you’ll be kicking yourself.

Car Battery Jumper

Thinking beyond cars, JackPak is great for many other 12V battery types. Most motorcycles get left for weeks or months without being used, and this often results in drained batteries. A portable power pack will give your bike the juice it needs to get going, and the battery itself will probably be fine for the long haul. Plus, smaller boats often run off of a 12V battery (although larger ones use 16V or higher, so be sure to check). A backup battery pack is crucial when cruising the country’s great lakes and oceanic coasts… and beyond! You’re especially out of luck if you can’t get your radio or GPS system online. JackPak is extra peace-of-mind you can’t afford to be without.

JackPak Jumper Cables

The 4-in-1 JackPak portable power pack puts you in charge of your own destiny. When you need a jump, you’ll be set up to jump your battery in seconds. No relying on others—because you prepared to do it all yourself! Pull out your portable power pack, plug in its standard portable jumper cables, pop the hood, attach the clips to your battery and you’re in business. Everything stows quickly and neatly in the carrying case. An upfront battery life indicator tells you when the lithium-ion power pack is at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% charge. It’s recommended that you charge up your battery once it drains down to 25% power. Other than that, there’s literally zero maintenance on your power pack for all 3,000 of its expected charge cycles. It doesn’t get any safer—or easier—to charge a dead battery than with JackPak.