Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Bright LED Flashlight with JackPak

An important feature—and excellent use—of the JackPak portable power pack is a built-in LED flashlight. Three modes alternate between a constant streaming light, strobe function and SOS. All three modes shine far and wide. LEDs are the perfect technology for this purpose because they’re super-bright and consume very little power, which means hours and hours of illumination. LEDs are also known to flood more area with light than traditional incandescent bulbs. JackPak’s primary flashlight mode offers a wide spotlight that creates an even wider peripheral halo, which means even the darkest corners of the earth are made easier to navigate.

It’s important that light gets thrown across a wide area because JackPak might need to be your life saving multi-tool in a crisis. If you get a flat after dark, JackPak is both your flashlight and your air compressor to help inflate that spare. It does both at the same time—an essential function that only JackPak makes this easy and reliable.

There are other uses for the light, of course. If you need to light your way through a dark path or tunnel, your portable power pack weighs no more than a medium-sized flashlight, so it won’t tire out your arm. The strobe function can alert others to your presence, which is especially useful if you’re stuck roadside and need help. Whether by the road, in the woods or anywhere else, the SOS signal is easy-to-see, far-reaching and super bright.

To turn on the flashlight, simply press the round, upfront button. The light will activate. Pressing it again alternates strobe/SOS modes. Cycling through the modes turns it off. JackPak keeps you safer in all emergency situations or power outages by providing a fast, powerful light source that lasts for hours of continuous use.