Portable USB Jack

Portable USB Battery Charger

A portable jump starter is great, but there’s so much more JackPak has to offer! For instance, a versatile USB jack supplies 5V of power to rapidly charge up your smartphone, tablet or other small electronic device. We include a multi-prong cable that fits most smartphone devices, so if you don’t have a cable of your own or need a backup, you’re always covered by JackPak.

Dead phones are a common occurrence on longer road trips, times we just forget to charge up or days we’re running late. These days, our professional and social obligations are tied to our phones. It’s important to keep them charged, so we can stay connected and prepared. You know that we know that you know that having a USB jack on-hand is the best way to prevent the “phone anxiety” you get when you’re not near an outlet.

JackPak is more than just an emergency phone charger. There are plenty of adventures where a portable power pack will tie right into your planning. Gone camping? You and your friends and family can continue to enjoy the use of your phones while spending time in the great outdoors. Eliminate the fear of not being contacted for emergencies due to a dead phone. JackPak can be removed from its carrying case and stowed in any travel bag, backpack or suitcase, so when someone needs a charge, they’re covered. There’s also plenty of juice in JackPak’s high-powered to fully charge multiple phones and tablets from dead to 100%. Enjoy your freedom with JackPak’s portable USB jack that offers rapid, reliable charging.

Multi-Device USB Battery Charger